The Strange Life Of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Known equally as much for his military genius as his reputation for betrayal, Napoleon Bonaparte continues to fascinate historians today. As the first emperor of France, Napoleon certainly made a name for himself. He jailed 13 catholic priests for failing to attend his second marriage ceremony, and kidnapped Pope Pius VII for five years. And yet for all his influence, he was perhaps one of the most overtly insecure leaders we've known. Napoleon would often disguise himself as part of the lower, working class in order to learn how people really felt about him and told his wives they were privileged to receive handwritten (and not dictated) letters from him. Napoleon's pride and ambition stood taller than his short frame, as he ruled a totalitarian France in every sense of the word. It's still illegal to name a pig Napoleon in France.

No matter how you view Napoleon's legacy—a traitor to the revolution and warmonger, or determined patriot—his military approach and personal life will live on in infamy. Learn more about the quirky, power-driven, strategic genius Napoleon.

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