The Spiteful Chef Who Invented Potato Chips

The Spiteful Chef Who Invented Potato Chips

George Crum was a chef at resort in Saratoga Springs, New York in the 1850s. Cornelius Vanderbilt had a meal at the restaurant in 1853 and unintentionally changed history with his pickiness. Vanderbilt kept complaining that his fried potatoes were too thick, so Crum purposely cut them too thin and made them crunchy. Vanderbilt loved the new invention: Saratoga chips.


Key Facts In This Video

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    George Crum, inventor of potato chips, was born in Saratoga, NY in 1822. (0:06)

  • 2

    Before potato chips were invented, conventional fried potatoes in the U.S. were thicker and meant to be eaten with a fork and knife. (0:52)

  • 3

    The original name for potato chips were Saratoga chips. (1:20)

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