The Spicier Your Diet, The Longer You'll Live?

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Are you a spicy food lover? If so, you may live a longer life than those who are not. According to a 2017 study in the journal PLoS ONE, people who have diets rich with hot peppers tend to live longer. Researchers found a cool association in their data showing that eating spicy foods reduces a person's risk of "instantaneous hazard of death" by 13 percent. Pass the Carolina Reaper pepper! To learn more about this study (including who's most likely to eat hot peppers), watch the following video. Then, learn more about spicy foods.

Eating Hot Peppers Will Extend Your Life

People who eat hot peppers tend to also smoke cigaratees and consume more vegetables than meat. Hmm....

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What Makes Food So Spicy?

The science behind hot sauce.

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