The Solar-Powered Plane Is Breaking Records

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Someday soon, you may board a plane with no fuel at all. Sound scary? The Solar Impulse 2 is an experimental electric plane that is just that—a plane that requires no fuel to fly. This plane is entirely solar-powered, and it is attempting to fly around the world with no fuel source but the sun's energy. In April of 2016, the plane completed a record-breaking flight as it went from Hawaii to California without fuel. The flight last 62 hours and 29 minutes, and helped the plane set records for distance, speed, duration, altitude, and altitude gain for an electric airplane.

Solar Impulse Plane Takes Flight

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Can You Fly A Plane Without Fuel?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The plane's wingspan is wider than a jumbo jet's, but it weighs the same as an average car. 00:55

  2. The cockpit is unpressurized and unheated. 01:08

  3. Here is how the Solar Impulse 2 is able to fly both day and night. 01:23

Solar Impulse's Solar-Powered Plane

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