The Smog Free Tower Helps Turn Smog Into Jewelry

Not only is the Smog Free Tower the "largest smog vacuum cleaner in the world," it's also a jewelry manufacturer. And now it's taking on the dirty air in Beijing, where some pollutant levels are "17 times greater than the limit recommended by the World Health Organization," according to Quartz.

Every Breath You Take

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde created the Smog Free Tower after a 2014 trip to Beijing left him shocked by the amount of air pollution. Roosegaarde designed a seven-meter-tall tower that can clean around 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour. It does so by running on just 1,400 watts of power, which is no more than a tea kettle requires. Besides creating pockets of air that are 75% cleaner than they were initially, the tower collects smog that is later turned into jewelry. Roosegaarde's team takes the smog and compresses it for 30 minutes before sealing it within a resin cube that can be worn as a ring or cufflinks. The first 1,000 sold out quickly due to high demand.

Taking China By Storm

The Smog Free Tower started in Roosegaarde's hometown of Rotterdam, but traveled to Beijing in late September 2016. And while there's currently only one tower worldwide, Roosegarde is planning on bringing hundreds more to China. As he told Bloomberg, "China will invest billions and billions of dollars in the war on smog. They have been doing that and they will be doing that and we are definitely part of that."

China's Ionic Smog-Sucking Vacuum

Key Facts In This Video

  1. PM 2.5 is small enough to penetrate the soft tissue of the lungs and other organs. 01:38

  2. An ionic field charges the neutral floating small particles in a positive way and filters them out using the largest electronic vacuum cleaner in the world. 03:42

  3. The smog that is filtered out is compressed and created into jewelry. 05:03

The Great Smog Of 1952

Written by Curiosity Staff July 23, 2016

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