The Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is a stretch of land on the coast of Namibia that seems to be some sort of graveyard for ships and animals alike. It's a scarily pristine African coastline. Ocean waves helped man-powered boats reach the shore, but the current was too strong for these boats to sail back out. The only escape was to walk through a vast desert, a trek many do not survive.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Europeans attempted to settle the Skeleton coast in search of diamonds, but could not survive the desert. (1:11)

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    The skeleton coast marks the limit of the Namib desert, spanning 200 km from southern Angola to the Orange River. (2:21)

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    Meet families of the most remote regions of the Kalahari who refuse to give up their way of life, despite the difficulties of t\he area: (13:22)

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