The Shark That Looks Like A Fancy Rug

The Shark That Looks Like A Fancy Rug

The word "wobbegong" comes from an Australian Aboriginal word that means "shaggy beard." Tasseled wobbegongs are ambush predators—they lie in wait for prey to approach, then dislocate their jaws to bite and swallow the catch. Their teeth point backwards, which ensures a strong grip.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Wobbegong sharks are a type of depressed, or flat, fish. (0:19)

  • 2

    Wobbegong sharks are often served as part of fish and chips in Australia. (0:59)

  • 3

    Instead of breathing through their mouths, wobbegong sharks breathe through a set of specialized spiracles on their heads. (1:10)

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