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The Shark Cage Was Invented By A Shark Attack Survivor

After Fox endured what was, in 1963, the worst non-fatal shark attack in recorded history, he was understandably wary of the water. It was a trip to the zoo that inspired him to build a shark cage—he saw the caged lions and thought to flip the concept, putting humans behind protective bars. (Jacques Cousteau had also built a shark cage before Fox, but his cage was far less secure and had a different design.) Fox became enamored with sharks and their study, and ultimately ended up as a sought-after authority on the predators of the sea.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Rodney Fox was attacked by a great white shark during a spearfishing competition in 1963. 00:11

  2. When he was at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia, Rodney Fox got the idea for a shark-proof cage while looking at the lions. 03:11

  3. Sharks don't typically seek out humans to attack—most attacks occur because sharks mistake humans or their equipment for a prey animal. 05:00

Written by Curiosity Staff September 29, 2015