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The Remidi Turns Your Hands Into High-Tech Musical Instruments

You know that sweeping moment in your favorite symphony that always leaves you conducting to the air? Or that awesome drum break that you just have to bang out on the table whenever you hear it? With Remidi, the world's first musical wearable tech, your hands become the instruments, and the sounds they can make are limited only by your imagination.

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Music At Your Fingertips

With a Remidi T8, every surface becomes a keyboard and any space can become a symphony orchestra. Wearers can program eight pressure sensitive spots on the glove to play certain musical phrases when struck, or just to emulate different instruments. The bracelet component of the Remidi tracks hand motions, allowing the user to assign different gestures to volume control, reverb, or other effects. The result? Professional musicians gain access to a nearly unlimited sonic palette, and amateurs can jump into improvising on their favorite riffs with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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A New Way To Make Music

Funded by a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Remidi represents a new way of looking at music that's as powerful as it is adaptable. It's easy to set the Remidi to be beginner friendly—just download the song you'd like to learn, and practice along while the glove helps you find your way. But more advanced musicians will be able to do so much more. The glove can synchronize with DJ and VJ technology to take a live show to the next level, and the nearly limitless ways the glove can be used open the doors to a whole new style of music and performance.

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The First Of Its Kind

There aren't any other wearable instruments like Remidi, but when it comes to new products combining music and technology, the gloves are in good company. Ohio-based startup SoundSpace takes the conceit of conjuring music in the real world and moves it to virtual reality, where music can become a tangible thing to change and manipulate. SoundStage takes that concept even further, transforming room-sized VR facilities into "musical sandboxes" where nearly every instrument is in arms' reach. Whether players are using Remidi gloves to play music anywhere in the world, or diving into a world of music courtesy of VR, it's clear that the next generation of musicians will have more options than ever thought possible.

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Written by Curiosity Staff April 4, 2017

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