The Reason Babies May See The World Upside-Down

The Reason Babies May See The World Upside-Down

Many vision experts believe newborn babies see the world much different than we do. Our eyes read what we see as upside-down, and send those images to our brains. Our brain then automatically flips those images so we perceive our reality right side up. Babies, however, need to train their brains to automatically flip the images it receives. Until it does, it is believed that the babies live in an "upside-down" world.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The lens in your eye flips the images it perceives, and your brain automatically flips it back so you "see" it right side up. 00:15

  2. In the 1890s, George Stratton invented a pair of glasses that turns everything upside-down. 00:50

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