The Pyrosome Is The Wind Sock Of The Sea

The pyrosome elegantly floats throughout the ocean like a silky wind sock. And it's alive. This unique creature is actually many-the pyrosome is actually colony made up of a thousand or so individuals creatures called zooids, which physically connect to each other. This colony works together in order to propel itself in a giant group through the ocean. The zooids in a pyrosome can range in size, and can be as small as a penny and as large as several meters long. Zooids are unique in that they can clone themselves in order to create these huge pyrosomes.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. A pyrosome is a giant, sock-like, deep sea creature. 00:04

  2. A pyrosome is made up of a colony of a thousand or so individual zooids. 00:19

  3. Pyrosomes are bioluminescent. 01:37

Written by Curiosity Staff November 24, 2015