The Science Of Sports Technology

Sports and athleticism are two concepts which have permeated into the vast majority of subcultures around the world, creating a canon of games as diverse as its players. In fact, in the U.S. alone, one in seven high school athletes will end up playing in professional leagues, and of those 1 in 525 will go on to the NBA. As sports continue to be a monumental aspect of both popular and traditional culture, its intersection with technology, too, is growing. Companies are constantly competing to create the best, most safe space-age technology to cut down on the number of injuries, boost performance and enhance training techniques. What's more, the technological advancements seen in the sports area are trickling down to everyday athletes, providing average people with the luxuries of pro-athletes.

So how exactly can fancy new fibers help mitigate a concussion? And just what are "wearables," and how do they affect training and sports analytics? Check out these awesome videos to learn more about the amazing ways in which sports and technology are meeting today.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The core of a baseball is called "the pill," and consists of a sphere of cork inside rubber casing. 00:09

  2. Layers of yarn inside a baseball allow it to retain its shape after being hit. 01:06

  3. It takes one week to make a professional baseball. 02:44

Written by Curiosity Staff December 10, 2014

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