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The Pratfall Effect Explains Why We Like Talented People Who Screw Up

Mistakes are learning moments, but screwing up may also give you a boost of another kind: it can make people like you more. The Pratfall Effect is the tendency for a competent person's likeability to increase after they make a mistake. This effect probably occurs because competent people who never trip up are perceived as less relatable, and thus likeable. Once that seemingly perfect person makes a mistake, they're suddenly more appealing.

This effect can work in the opposite way as well. If someone who is incompetent makes a mistake, the Pratfall Effect says that person's likeability decreases. This is probably because they move even further away from the competence of the general public after a screw up. Learn more about the Pratfall Effect in the video below.


How One Man Used The Pratfall Effect To His Advantage

He called it "Forrest Gumping."

How To Get People To Like You

The Pratfall Effect only works for some.

Scientific Tips For Making Friends

Sure you can endear yourself to others by screwing up. But you can also share personal information or even ask for favors.

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