The Power Of Magnets

The Power Of Magnets

Magnets are fascinating and captivating. Their ability to attract and repel by means of an invisible force seems impossible. But the potential of magnetic power goes far beyond the ability of a magnet to stick to a fridge or pick up a pile of paperclips. Scientists and engineers are harnessing the power of magnets like never before and the implications on the future of technology, transportation, and even space exploration are just now being realized.

This series explores some of the most promising and exciting applications of magnets today. Learn about how magnets are being used to create the next generation of smartphones. Explore a futuristic concept of space propulsion that uses magnetic energy instead of fuel. Imagine an elevator that can move along magnetic tracks in any direction.

Below are five opportunities to learn about the most exciting ways magnets will, undoubtedly, shape our future.

Magnets Transform The New Moto Z Into A Speaker, Projector, And More

Magnets allow slim pieces of hardware, called Moto Mods, to snap easily into place on Motorola's new Moto Z smartphone.

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Electromagnetic Propulsion Could Help Us Reach The Stars

Electromagnetic propulsion may make interstellar travel possible.

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The Elevators Of The Future Will Float On Magnets

Electromagnets could replace traditional elevator cables and allow elevator cars to move in all directions.

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Smart Magnets Are Programmable, Customizable And Printable

The company Correlated Magnets has engineered a way to print custom magnetic fields and the implications are huge.

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The Future Of Transportation Depends On Magnetic Levitation

Maglev trains have already broken land-speed records.

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