The Pop 'N Go Playpen Is a Play Area That Pops Up Anywhere


Curiosity is proud to feature products like the Pop 'N Go Playpen which makes life easier for parents (of both the human and pet variety).

It's hard enough to wrangle small children and pets for an outdoor adventure even if you aren't counting all of their toys, gear, and cute little sunglasses. But a new playpen design on Kickstarter changes the game with incredible portability, versatility, and simplicity.

Fun and Sun (But Not Too Much)

The Pop 'N Go playpen sets up in seconds, whether you're inside or out. You literally just lay out the fabric, pop out the frame, and let your little ones in. It measures about 54 inches across and 41 inches tall, making it perfect for infants, toddlers, and even medium-sized dogs. The whole thing is just over 7 pounds and it packs up into a bag the size of a folding chair, making it a breeze to take around with you.

If you're taking the family to the beach or the park, the Pop 'N Go is a perfect companion, acting as a home base while little ones explore what the outside world has to offer. From the inside, the clip-on UV shade protects occupants big and small, and the durable weave-mesh makes sure you still get plenty of fresh air. But the Pop 'N Go is handy indoors as well, with its inflatable mattress bottom providing maximum comfort and its enclosed walls giving kids a sense of their own space. The fact that it keeps all of their toys in one place is just icing on the cake.

Ingeniously Engineered

The secret to the Pop 'N Go lies in its materials and its design, which allow for maximum simplicity and portability. The framing mechanism is constructed from sturdy reinforced fiberglass, making the whole pop-up about 50 percent lighter than comparable products. It's a piece of cake to toss it in the car whenever you go, well, wherever you're going, so your kids will have a little piece of home by the ocean, at the park, or even on a mountain hike.

You can purchase the Pop 'N Go playpen on Kickstarter here.

Written by Reuben Westmaas March 28, 2018