The "Petals Around The Rose" Puzzle Once Stumped Bill Gates

Are you smarter than Bill Gates? The puzzle in the video below won't necessarily prove or disprove that, but it will certainly challenge you. According to the video, the "petals around the rose" puzzle once stumped the billionaire. In order to play the game and solve its trick, you need to pay attention to the dice that are rolled in the video and keep the name of the game in mind. Good luck!

The Puzzle That Stumped Bill Gates

The name "petals around the rose" is important in solving it.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Watch the card trick: 00:06

  2. This trick will always work no matter what card your volunteer decides to name. 01:26

  3. Watch the explanation of how you can always predict the path of the card in the third position: 03:00

Written by Curiosity Staff November 4, 2016