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The People Of North Sentinel Island Make Up One Of The Last Uncontacted Tribes

In the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of India, lies North Sentinel Island. This island, which has been separated from any mainland for 65,000 years, is home to a mysterious and hostile human population. There are an estimated 50 to 500 people on North Sentinel Island, but because outsider attempts to reach the island have been met with extreme hostility, those numbers may be inaccurate. When the British Empire was attempting to invade the island, they kidnapped elderly members of the tribe and children. The elderly died almost immediately, which spawned the legend that the North Sentinelese can't survive outside their home island. The children were eventually returned to the island, and the British invasion was unsuccessful.

North Sentinel Island | Digging Deeper

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The people of North Sentinel Island are one of the most isolated group of people on Earth. 01:16

  2. The isolated people of North Sentinel Island speak an unintelligible language that not even nearby tribes can decipher. 05:01

  3. The Indian government has banned any and all contact with the isolated people of North Sentinel Island. 05:15

Written by Curiosity Staff May 19, 2016