How Did Bob Ross Paint 30,000 Paintings?

From 1983 to 1994, Bob Ross taught people all over the world how to paint. He demonstrated easy-to-learn techniques on his PBS show, The Joy of Painting, which familiarized viewers with his soothing voice and many catchphrases. He encouraged all of his students not to copy his work, but to find and cultivate their own creativity, and to remain playful as they experimented with art. Ross's final episode of The Joy of Painting aired in May, 1994 and he died at 52 years old in July 2015. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Watch Bob Ross create an evergreen tree using a fan brush: 00:08

  2. Watch Bob Ross add highlights and depth to evergreen trees: 02:38

Written by Curiosity Staff June 29, 2015

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