The Oldest Book About Trading Stocks Gave Sound Advice

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Written in 1688 by Josseph de la Vega, "Confusion of Confusions" is known as the oldest book on the stock exchange business. His four fundamental rules are still applicable to investors today! Josseph de la Vega lived in Amsterdam as a merchant, poet, and philanthropist. He wrote many other works that were hailed by scholars of his time, and the Federation of European Securities Exchange awards an annual De La Vega Prize to enterprising researchers in his honor.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Stock is ownership in a company, and it's measured in shares. 00:36

  2. Once you've purchased shares in a stock, you earn money when the price of that stock goes up. 01:11

  3. When you buy a stock in anticipation that its price will rise and you can then sell it to make a profit, you're being "long." 01:45