The Old Salt Mine That Is A Futuristic Theme Park

Hundreds of feet below the surface of Transylvania, Romania lies a huge subterranean cavern. Once the site of a salt mine, this vast space is Salina Turda, a massive expanse boasting a number of attractions. Tourists enter the futuristic-looking space via a centuries-old vertical shaft. And what they find includes mini golf, basketball, a 100-person amphitheater, ping pong, a museum about the history of salt mining, a salt lake with an island made of salt, and more.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An old salt mine in Transylvania has turned into a subterranean amusement park. 00:32

  2. Salina Turda includes mini golf, ping pong, basketball, bowling, an amphitheater, a salt lake with an island made of salt, a Ferris wheel, and more. 01:10

Written by Curiosity Staff March 14, 2016

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