The Oceans' Incredible Saltwater Fish

You may not see them often if you live next to a river or lake, but our seas are filled with amazing saltwater fish. The oceans contain 99% of the living space on our planet, and more than 50% of all known species inhabit them. Those are some incredible figures. Even more incredible is the sheer range of habitats the oceans represent—from shallow coastal waters to intricate reefs, from the Antarctic to the tropics, and from open blue water to chasms in the ocean floor. That vast range of habitats means not only vast numbers of fish, but also a vast range of species.

Through natural selection, species have been shaped over millennia by their chosen habitats—made smaller, larger, flatter, quicker, brighter or better camouflaged. We've gathered the pick of the bunch in this playlist dedicated to the oceans' most incredible fish. There are predators and prey, some of the world's best known fish, and a few you may have yet to discover.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The male anglerfish is tiny in comparison to the female. 00:06

  2. The male anglerfish fuses onto the flesh of the female during mating. 00:22

  3. The anglerfish is a master of camouflage on the ocean floor. 00:49

Written by Curiosity Staff July 7, 2014

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