The Mysterious Murders Of The Highway Of Tears

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There's something spooky about Canada's Highway 16: a 450-mile stretch of the road is called the Highway of Tears because a number of people have been murdered or gone missing there since 1969. The official murder count on the Highway of Tears is 18, but researchers believe the true number is closer to 50. The count fluctuates because there is strict criteria when it comes to classifying a death as a Highway of Tears murder. The victim must be a female engaging in a high-risk activity, and must be missing or found on the highway within a one-mile radius.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Highway of Tears is a stretch of Canada's Highway 16 where numerous unexplained disappearances have occurred since 1969. 00:47

  2. There is more than one killer involved in the Highway of Tears murders. 02:30

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