The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle is the crown jewel of mysteries. The international folklore in the murky ocean between Miami, Florida, Bermuda and San Juan, Puerto Rico is called the Devil's Triangle for a reason. Although this moniker was first coined in 1964 by journalist Vincent H. Gaddis, the Bermuda Triangle had already been known as an eerie mystery. As early as 1952, another writer noted a large number of plane disappearances in the area, but was unable to determine a cause. It's been speculated pilot Amelia Earhart didn't have much luck in the Devil's Triangle either. Scientists today haven't made much headway, but have come up with a few explanations. Geological and hydrological culprits like rouge tidal waves and spurts of flammable methane gas might sound plausible on the surface, but still don't point to the true reason for the area's reputation for swallowing planes. Theory No. 3 involves "crystal energies" from the sunken Atlantis below, beaming planes into doom. According to science, these theories are all just as likely as any other.

So why can't researchers seem to crack this mystery? How can we definitively rule theories out? And just how many planes have disappeared in those deep waters? Don't forget your map and compass because this playlist takes you from the whites of the clouds, down into the heart of the Triangle where some the world's biggest mysteries lie in wait.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 17, 2014

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