The Most Serious Hereditary Conditions

Hereditary diseases are a complex issue, not only in tracking and treatment, but diagnoses as well. The internet is the modern go-to source for anything and everything you need to know, but sometimes there is a little too much information. Hypochondriacs around the globe no doubt spend hours looking up information on the world's most terrifying, deadly and disturbing diseases. Image search is not always a friend, but it does reveal to us how complex our anatomies are. The only thing more complex than our bodies working how they should is the sheer number of ways they can go wrong at no fault of your own.

This playlist looks at ten serious hereditary conditions, diseases or disorders that people are born with due to a fault or mutation on the genome. Some are treatable, others are fatal, and a few will have very little bearing on the sufferer's quality of life at all. All of them remind us how complex our bodies are, and how much more we still have to learn about them.

Written by Curiosity Staff August 11, 2014

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