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The Most Remote Civilization In The World Is Tristan da Cunha

Life on a remote island is not without its challenges. Can you imagine living more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest anything? That's life for the most remote civilization on Earth, Tristan da Cunha. The small, 80-square-mile island sits 1,750 miles (2,816 kilometers) from South Africa and 2,088 miles (3,360 kilometers) from South America. Its closest landmass is 1,510 miles (2,430 kilometers) away, Saint Helena. It's part of the British overseas territory called Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. But how do these people survive so secluded from the rest of the world?

In 2015, The Royal Institute Of British Architects launched a design competition on behalf of Tristan de Cunha's government. The challenge was to help the island gain self-sufficiency, which may very well become a reality. A team led by by Brock Carmichael Architects won the competition, and they plan to cement their design plans in 2017 and beyond. Modernized buildings, a wind farm, and a waste-to-energy incinerator are all on the horizon for this secluded little island. See the island in the video below.

Life On Tristan da Cunha

Could you imagine living on the world's most remote island?

Written by Curiosity Staff October 28, 2016

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