The Most Caring Animal Dads

The Most Caring Animal Dads

Dads often don't get the credit they deserve, and that's just as true for animals as it is for humans. Take penguins. Because the female penguin is void of nutrition after birthing her egg, she needs to go to the ocean to feed. While mom's away, the male penguin protects the egg in freezing temps, carrying it on the tops of his feet beneath the warmth of his stomach until the newborn penguin hatches. Seahorse fathers carry up to 1,500 eggs in their pouches for up to 45 days until birth, while the father wolf guards his family in their den and brings them meat when necessary.

The Most Caring Animal Dads in the World - Top 10 - Earth Unplugged


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The giant water bug father carries all of his mate's eggs on his back. (0:28)

  • 2

    The male jacana builds a nest for the female and incubates the eggs and raise the chicks completely independently. (1:59)

  • 3

    The male emperor penguin balances the egg on the tops of his feet for two months until it hatches. (3:22)

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