The "Miracle Fruit" Turns Sour Foods Sweet

The "Miracle Fruit" Turns Sour Foods Sweet

No, the "miracle fruit" isn't the name of some new and trendy diet scam. The food commonly referred to as miracle fruit is actually a berry from West Africa called the Synsepalum dulcificum. It gets it miraculous nickname from its unbelievable taste properties: eat a miracle berry and anything that is usually sour and bitter will taste sweet like candy for the next hour. For example, those who've eaten miracle fruit say it makes tabasco sauce taste like hot doughnut glaze. So why haven't you tried this magical treat? Probably because it is highly perishable, and on the expensive side: A single small berry can cost as much as $2.

The Miracle Fruit In Action

After eating the fruit, even a cup of vinegar tastes good.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    There is a west African berry known as the "miracle fruit" that makes things taste sweet after you eat it. (0:38)

  • 2

    For about an hour after consuming a miracle berry, nothing you eat will taste like it should. (0:54)

How Does The Miracle Fruit Work?

Basically, it's tripping your taste buds.

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