The Mind-Boggling Speed Of Santa

The Mind-Boggling Speed Of Santa

You probably could have guessed that Santa really has to hoof it around the world quite quickly in order to visit all the children in a single night. How quickly? Try 3,000 times the speed of sound. In fact, in order to reach everyone, Santa would need to visit about 800 or more homes every second on Christmas Eve night. And the image of the Santa Claus you're probably familiar with probably isn't too accurate with the original portrayal either. Santa was originally a pale, thin man. The round, jolly Santa Claus we're familiar with today was developed for a Coca-Cola advertising campaign.


Key Facts In This Video

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    In Indiana, there is a town named Santa Claus. (0:18)

  • 2

    From 1659 to 1681 it was a crime for Puritans to celebrate Christmas. (1:07)

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    Santa would have to visit over 800 homes each second to make it to every home in one night. (1:40)

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