The Mind-Bending Properties Of Superfluid Helium

The Mind-Bending Properties Of Superfluid Helium

At super low temperatures, liquid helium keeps MRI machines and particle accelerators cooled and running. Just a few degrees above absolute zero, superfluid helium getz bizarre. A superfluid liquid is one that flows without friction. Because superfluid helium has zero viscosity, it can drip out through molecule-thin cracks in solid containers and climb out over the sides of a dish.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    At absolute zero, atoms would completely stop moving. (0:23)

  • 2

    See liquid helium cooled down so low that the bubbles are still: (1:33)

  • 3

    The idea that a solid can contain a liquid no longer holds when the liquid becomes a superfluid. (2:48)

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