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The Marble Caves Of Patagonia Will Immediately Trigger Travel Envy

Sometimes, the art humans create pales in comparison to the works made by nature. The Marble Caves are one such marvel: erosion and light has turned geological formations into colorful works of sculpture.

Carved by Nature

The Marble Caves (also known as Cuevas de Mármol) are located in the Patagonian Andes, on a peninsula of solid marble. This unique geological formation sits in waters shared by Argentina and Chile, and is only accessible by boat.

Over more than 6,000 years, lake currents lapped at the marble, slowing carving out the smooth formations you see today. Though the marble itself isn't a brilliant blue, it dances with cerulean displays of color when the water reflects its light. As a result, it changes color throughout the year, depending on water levels and season.

Just Within Reach

Want to visit? Good luck. Getting there is no small feat. First, you'll have to take a 2.5-hour flight from Santiago, Chile to the city of Balmaceda. Once you're there, you'll have to travel another several hours: the caves are a twisty, hilly, 120-mile (193-kilometer) drive away. Finally, you'll reach General Carrera Lake, where you can hop on a ferry and float out for a 30-minute tour. Happy travels!

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The Marble Caves of Patagonia

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The lake General Carrera is the largest lake in Chile, and the Marble Caves sit right in the middle. 02:00

  2. The Marble Caves were formed by waves over the last 6,200 years. 02:07

  3. See the inside of the Marble Caves: 02:19

Written by Ashley Hamer June 18, 2017

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