The London Railway For The Dead

The London Railway For The Dead

London had a big, growing problem in the 1850s: It had too many dead people. The problem came to a head when it was realized there were more dead people than available grave plots. The already buried bodies had to be exhumed and then redistributed around cemeteries to make more room. The moving of dead bodies unfortunately resulted in more cases of cholera, which then lead to even more dead people. The London Necropolis Railway was the solution; it carted corpses outside London to what was the largest cemetery of that time. The railway actually ran for nearly an entire century.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    In the middle of the 19th century, London didn't have enough grave plots for its deceased residents. (0:00)

  • 2

    The London Necropolis railway carried the dead 20 miles outside the city to be buried in Europe's largest cemetery in London. (0:27)

  • 3

    The railway ran for nearly a century. (0:58)

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