The Legend Of Mike "The Durable" Malloy, The Man That Couldn't Die

A homeless alcoholic named Michael Malloy earned a unique reputation in the 1930s. Malloy, it seemed, could not be murdered. In 1933, a group of men cooked up a plan to help ease the devastation of the Depression's tough financial times. They put two life insurance policies on Mike Malloy, a regular at their local speakeasy, that would allow them to collect $1,800 after Malloy died. The men gave the alcoholic an open bar tab in hopes Malloy would drink himself to death. Because it wasn't happening quickly enough, they began poisoning his drinks with turpentine, horse tranquilizers, rat poison, and more. Then they began poisoning his food: bad oysters and rotten sardine sandwiches filled with glass and metal shavings. Nothing worked. Then, the men dragged a passed-out Malloy to the street on a freezing cold night before pouring water all over him. They even ran over Malloy with a car. "Iron Mike" always seemed to bounce right back. They eventually succeeding in ending Malloy's life when they shoved a gas pipe down his throat. But by this point, Malloy was a bit of a celebrity. The men who killed Malloy were caught, and sentenced to death. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

Biggest Badasses Of All Time

You know Mike "The Durable" is on this list.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 11, 2016

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