The Legacy of the '90s

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Whether or not you were around for the 1990s, the political, cultural and social movements that defined the decade left their impressions on the world for decades to come. The Clinton-Lewinski scandal, the onset of the Cold War, the release of Nelson Mandela from a South African jail, and the welcoming of a yellow-skinned, four-fingered family called the Simpsons all marked the '90s as a decade experiencing a rapidly changing global landscape.

And despite the glitter and glitz of the Spice Girls and downright strange fashion of the era, the '90s embodied a spirit of economic prosperity and an emergence of ideas born well before their time (ever heard of the World Wide Web?). Grab your multi-color windbreaker and turn off your pager as this playlist transports you back to a time when money was good, oil was bad and music was both.


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