The Legacy of the '70s

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Looking back at the decadent decade that was the 1970s, it seems like everyone was just stayin' alive in their own way. Then-President Richard Nixon was notoriously busted for his administration's involvement in the break-in of the Watergate Hotel—the Democratic National Convention's headquarters at the time. Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy throttled his lifetime of crime and murder spree, while The Beatles split to pursue solo careers. Although a somewhat politically and socially tumultuous time, the '70s did give way to some astoundingly significant events. In 1978, Louise Brown was born in Great Britain as the world's first ever successful in-vitro fertilized baby. In 1975, Saturday Night Live and Microsoft both found footing. And in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court returned their verdict on the Roe v Wade case—the same year the U.S. pulled troops out of Vietnam. Indeed, it was a decade of amazing highs and legendary lows.

Be it good or bad, the 1970s was certainly never boing. Travel back in time to when disco, Jane Fonda and The Brady Bunch were the latest trends. This playlist takes you through interviews, archival footage, some unforgettable commercials and more that marked the '70s as one of the grooviest decades yet.

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