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The KUBO Robot Teaches Kids To Code

Once considered the skill of the future, coding is now a necessity for most emerging career fields. If learning to code is like learning a foreign language, then it follows that it might be easier to learn when you're young. And now there's a robot for that.

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Children program Kubo robot.

Coding Can Be Fun, You Guys

Meet KUBO: the educational robot designed for children 3+ that teaches kids how to code in an intuitive, tactile fashion. As co-founder Tommy Otzen explains on KUBO's Indiegogo Crowdfunding film, he and Daniel Lindegaard created KUBO because they believe that "programming skills are essential for kids to acquire to succeed in the 21st century." Otzen elaborates to Curiosity that KUBO was "based on decades of research in child psychology and contemporary theory in cognitive learning." The co-founders were looking for a solution to teach complex concepts like coding according to a child's level of cognitive development. 

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When you hear "educational robot," you might picture another screen glued to a child's face. But KUBO is actually a screenless, motorized robot with a head, body, and two colored wheels. So how does it work? KUBO runs on batteries and is connected to bluetooth. It teaches coding skills by using TagTiles, or tactile learning materials. Children put physical puzzle pieces of code together with their hands, then KUBO scans the TagTiles and gives feedback by lighting up with different colors.

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The Kubo robot in use.

KUBO: The Future Of Early Education

While KUBO's main focus is teaching kids to code, it also has a language pack that helps kids spell their first 50 words. This pack isn't completely screen-less, however, and it comes with iOS and Android apps. According to Tech Age Kids, KUBO is looking to expand these packs in the future with subjects like music. Where can you buy one? Great question. Otzen informs us that KUBOs are available through their Indiegogo campaign until February 23, 2017, then they'll be for sale "In Demand."

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Written by Curiosity Staff February 16, 2017

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