The Josephus Problem Is A Theoretical Math Puzzle

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The story of the Josephus problem deals with math, life, and death. The problem goes as follows: There are x amount of people sitting in a circle waiting to be executed. They begin counting around the circle in a fixed direction. After every x number of people counted, one is executed. Where should you sit to survive? The video below details the problem and presents the solution.

The Josephus Problem

According to legend, getting it right was a matter of life and death.

The Uncracked Problem With 33

What's the matter with this seemingly common number?

The Opposite of Infinity

You may think it would be negative infinity...

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The opposite of infinity would be the smallest number possible. 00:01

  2. Infinitesimals were important to Leibniz and Newton when they invented calculus. 06:37

  3. Limits can be used to work out the area below a curve without having to use infinitesimals. 10:36

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