The Isolated Life Of The Lykov Family

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After his brother was shot by a Communist patrol in 1936, Karp Lykov took his family into the Siberian wilderness. There they remained for 42 years, until a team of geologists stumbled upon their home. The geologists studied the landscape while learning about the family's survival methods and history. They shared news of civilization as well as technological advancements, including a television that the Lykovs found both frightening and entrancing.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. In 1978, a team of geologists discovered the Lykov family in the Siberian wilderness after spotting a garden from their helicopter. 01:01

  2. Karp Lykov was a member of the historically persecuted fundamentalist Russian Orthodox sect called the Old Believers. 03:05

  3. The Lykov family knew nothing about World War II or the Cold War, having retreated to the Siberian taiga in 1936. 04:08

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