The Indian Village Shani Shingnapur Has No Doors Or Locks

In the small Indian village of Shani Shingnapur, there are no locks or even doors on any of the buildings. Residents of the village claim it has been completely crime-free for more than 400 years. As one of the village's 3,000 residents told the filmmakers at Great Big Story, "Everyone lives together here, with their hearts connected." Residents of Shani Shingnapur believe the Hindu god Lord Shani protects the village from all crime and harm, but they know that the continued safety of their community resides with the people that inhabit it. As long as all residents keep their faith in Lord Shani, it is believed that the village will remain crime-free. Shani Shingnapur sits within the Indian state of Maharashtra, which, oddly enough, has one of the highest crime rates in the country.

Written by Curiosity Staff May 27, 2016

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