The Incredible Lives Of Kangaroos

Kangaroos: one of nature's most fascinating creatures. Abiding by their own unique set of biological and behavioral rules, kangaroos are independent, active and unusual animals. A group of these marsupials is known as a "mob." What's more, although they are considered marsupials, kangaroos perform live births rather than lay a batch of eggs. Kangaroos can choose to hop around on their back two feet, which act as powerful springboards, or leisurely walk around on all four—with some even using their tail as an extra limb. These marsupials are avid herbivores who fiercely protect their young early on in life. Despite the animal's rough reputation, a joey—or baby kangaroo—weighs approximately only 0.03 ounces (the size and weight of a jellybean) when it's born, meaning its mother must be especially vigilant.

So when it comes to humans and kangaroos, the best practice is to be careful. These animals are lethally strong, wildly independent and unrelentingly loyal to their packs and babies. Yet they're lovable, affable, bouncy creatures who continue to entertain, inspire and intrigue. Learn more about this amazing marsupial by checking out this playlist.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Kangaroos can reach speeds of almost 72 kph (45 mph). 00:41

  2. Male kangaroos, called "boomers," will fight over potential mates. 01:15

  3. A fighting kangaroo might break his opponent's bones or even disembowel him. 02:20

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Baby kangaroos live inside their mother's pouch for up to a year. 00:14

  2. A baby kangaroo is called a "Joey." 01:42

  3. Once a joey begins the nursing period, it is no longer welcome inside the pouch. 01:56

Written by Curiosity Staff October 23, 2014

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