The Immortal Jellyfish

The Immortal Jellyfish

The process by which mature cells become different kinds of cells is called transdifferentiation, and it's not limited to this jellyfish. However, this jellyfish seems to be the only animal that can regenerate its entire body by reverting to a younger stage in its life cycle. Although a polyp can create many jellyfish, they are all genetically identical, making them "immortal" clones of the original adult.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Turritopsis dohrnii can revert back into a younger version of itself when it faces stress, such as starvation. (0:39)

  • 2

    In theory, Turritopsis dohrnii can revert to a younger form and regenerate indefinitely. (2:18)

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    Studying the transdifferentiation capabilities of Turritopsis dohrnii could help with cancer research. (3:29)

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