The Ideal Male Body Has Changed A Lot Over 150 Years

Let's get one thing straight: there is no such thing as the "perfect body." Trends come and go for both men and women, and those fads determine what individuals of the time consider the ideal body type. And though women's bodies get most of the attention, men chase whatever trend is considered their "perfect body" as well. See what the desired male bodies looked like, from 150 years ago through today, in the video below.

How The "Perfect" Male Body Has Changed Over The Years

One year, being buff is in. The next, "dadbods" are trendy.

7 Strange Facts About the Male Body

Women's sweat smells citrusy, but men's sweat smells like cheese.

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

They don't really serve any purpose at all.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 9, 2016

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