The Human Library Lets You "Check Out" People To Hear Their Stories

The Human Library Lets You "Check Out" People To Hear Their Stories

Libraries aren't just for books anymore. At a Human Library, you can "check out" a human being to facilitate your learning. Instead of absorbing knowledge from looking at words printed on a page, readers at Human Libraries borrow individuals to hear their personal stories and ask them questions. The concept of the Human Library was started in Denmark in 2000 by a youth organization called Stop the Violence. The human books assign themselves a title, and library guests browse these titles to select which human book to borrow for about 30 minutes.

Examples of human book titles? "Olympic Athlete," "Fat Woman," and "A Questioning Christian." The project is intended to tear down prejudices by giving people the opportunity to talk with those they might not normally have the chance to interact with. Since its Denmark launch, the Human Library has made its way to fifty countries on five continents. South Korea and Tasmania have permanent Human Libraries. Learn more about how this project works in the video below.

Welcome To The Human Library

Would you rather rent a human or a book?


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What Is The Human Library All About?

Sit down with a stranger that you'd never get the chance to talk to otherwise.


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Techniquest For Talking To Strangers

Once you borrow a book from a Human Library, how do you start the conversation?

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