The House On The Rock Is A Treasure Trove Of Oddities, Real And Fake

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The House on the Rock was designed by Alex Jordan, Jr., and sits atop a column of rock in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. It's less of a house and more of a combined museum, hoax collection, and architectural marvel. Inside are attractions such as a collection of "antique" guns, an entire 19th-century brick street complete with buildings, and a functioning carousel. Many of the "antiques" inside the house are in fact creations by Jordan or his associates, and not legitimate pieces. But this fact doesn't detract from the incredible volume of objects hidden within the house, or the memorable strangeness of its design, which includes an Infinity Room that stretches far over the valley without lower supports.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The House on the Rock contains a statue of a squid fighting a whale-like creature that is longer than the Statue of Liberty is tall. 00:35

  2. The alleged inspiration for the House on the Rock came to Alex Jordan, Jr. when his father was insulted by Frank Lloyd Wright. 01:12

  3. Most of the collections and "antiques" inside the House on the Rock are hoaxes. 02:17

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