The Horrifying Mystery Of The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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The story of the Dyatlov Pass incident is chilling. What's even more haunting is the fact that this mystery remains unsolved to this day. Nine Russian hikers set out on an expedition in the Russian tundra in 1959. The students went missing, and were later found in shocking and confusing conditions. The tent at the camp was ripped open-from the inside. The hikers were found dead in remnants of the clothing they went to sleep in, and the bodies were scattered around the site, some far from the site. Russian investigators opened a case, reported no evidence of foul play, and quickly shut the case. The clothing of the hikers were also found to contain high levels of radiation. The hikers also showed evidence of heavy internal trauma, including fractured skulls and broken ribs. Still, the Dyatlov Pass incident remains a mystery.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The nine hikers of the Dyatlov Pass incident were missing ten days after their expected arrival home. 00:41

  2. The tent from the Dyatlov Pass incident was found ripped open from the inside. 01:00

  3. Infrasounds exist just below the level detectable with human ears. 03:14

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