The Hong Kong Architecture Built For Dragons And Positive Feng Shui

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Much of Hong Kong's architecture is sharp and modern, but with a peculiar twist. Many of the city's buildings have gaping holes in the middle. No, this isn't an engineering decision, or even an edgy design decision. These holes serve a practical function. According to legend, dragons need an unobstructed path from the hills to the water, so through the holes they go.

Feng shui is the ancient art of connecting to the energy of the Earth, and the practice can be found all over Hong Kong. The city itself, according to the ancient art's principles, has naturally good feng shui because it faces the water and is protected by mountains on the opposite side. According to legend, dragons live in these mountains, and they help positive energy and good feng shui flow throughout the city when they are given a route from the mountains to the water. Buildings without holes are barriers for the dragons, but those with holes keep the positive energy of Hong Kong alive. Learn more about feng shui and Hong Kong in the videos below.

Why Chinese Buildings Have Holes

Certainly the dragons are grateful.

The Basics Of Feng Shui

How does this ancient practice work?

A Vistor's Guide To Hong Kong

There are more reasons to visit than just the dragons.

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