Body Language

The Hidden Powers Of Body Language

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy has researched the effects of "power posing" extensively. Her studies have found that posing your body so that it's open and confidently taking up space makes you feel powerful and thus more apt to take risks. The good news: You don't need to hold the pose during a job interview or presentation—you can practice it beforehand and still reap the benefits. Cuddy has said that the aim of her research is not to feed the egos of those who already wield power, but to help people who are traditionally marginalized in a variety of settings.

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy on Power Posing

The Harvard professor explains why changing your body language can change your behavior.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Testosterone is associated with confidence and dominance, whereas cortisol is associated with stress. 01:15

  2. One study found that after two minutes of holding a "power pose," subjects exhibited a rise in testosterone and were more apt to take risks. 02:18

  3. Standing in a "power pose" for a brief time before a job interview can increase your chance of getting hired. 03:47

The Power of Power Pose

Standing like Wonder Woman for 2 minutes can help you nail that job interview.

Why You Should Be Doing The Chin Grab

This simple pose may make other people believe in you.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 7, 2016

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