The Hedgehog Dilemma Describes The Challenges Of Human Intimacy

Do you ever feel like a hedgehog? Yep. We know the feeling.

If you're not following, we'll back up. There's a philosophical concept called the hedgehog dilemma (or sometimes the porcupine dilemma) that is a metaphor for human intimacy. It describes a situation where a group of hedgehogs need to cuddle together closely for warmth in the winter, but when they do, their spikes prick and hurt one another. There's something to be learned here.

I Love You, But Ouch

Although we need human intimacy, such relationships are accompanied by mutual pain. Though the hedgehogs (or people, whichever) all have a mutual desire to have a close and reciprocal relationship, the pain of those relationships is inevitable. So what's the solution? Is there one? Or will you always hurt the ones you're closest to? The best bet, according to psychologists, is to keep a little distance in relationships. But finding that sweet spot can be the hardest part. Hear more about this concept in the video below.

What Online Dating Tells Us About Human Relationships

It certainly is different.

The History Of Dating

There are some dating tips in here.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 26, 2016

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