The Hawksbill Sea Turtle Is The First Known Biofluorescent Reptile

Before 2015, no one knew biofluorescent reptiles existed in nature. But while filming for National Geographic off the Solomon Islands, explorer David Gruber came across a glowing sea turtle. He described what he saw as a "bright red-and-green spaceship," but it was actually the hawksbill sea turtle. This marks the first time biofluorescence has been observed in reptiles. Biofluorescence in creatures means that light is reflected off of them, versus bioluminescence, which is when a chemical reaction inside a creature makes it glow. The fact that the hawksbill sea turtle emits both red and green light is unusual, as it has only previously been observed in coral. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 29, 2016

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