The Government Mind-Control Conspiracy Theory Of Chemtrails

When you see a plane in the sky, you probably notice the white tails trailing behind it. Usually, the tails quickly dissipate, but some people think they stick around longer than is natural. Are these tails simply harmless contrails (the condensation created in the air from jet exhaust), or are they the more sinister "chemtrails"? Many believers in the chemtrails conspiracy theory think the trails are loaded with unknown chemicals supplied by the government to brainwash the minds of civilians. Other "chemmies" believe the chemicals poison people to "weed out" the ill and elderly. Another idea is that chemtrails are used to worsen global warming. Scientists reject these theories, maintaining that the scientific evidence behind contrails leaves little room for mystery.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. When jets fly through the air, they leave trails of water vapor called contrails. 00:20

  2. Some people believe chemtrails are a way to control the minds of civilians. 01:39

  3. The HAARP facility in Alaska conducts weather experiments in Earth's ionosphere. 02:17

Written by Curiosity Staff June 23, 2016

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