The Golden Silk-Orb Weaver Spider Can Eat Birds... And Repair Nerve Damage With Its Silk?

Spider silk is a strong and amazing material, and it may even have applications outside of making spider webs. The incredible strength of the golden silk orb-weaver spider's webs could impact the medical field by repairing nerve damage in humans. One study showed that nerve fibers in adult sheep with tibial nerve defects grew along the implanted silk, leading to a successful recovery and use of the affected leg. In nature, the silk is just as incredible: it's strong enough to catch insects, snakes, and even birds in the spider's web. While this spider provides a potentially game-changing way for doctors to repair nerve damage, the spider has more impressive attributes than just that. This intimidating spider has been observed catching and eating both birds and snakes. A spider eating birds and snakes? It's true, and the video below can prove it.

The Golden Silk-Orb Weaver Spider Eats Birds

Terrifying, but kind of awesome.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Nephila, the genus name of the golden silk orb-weaver spider, means "fond of spinning." 00:53

  2. Golden silk orb-weaver spiders have been observed catching and eating birds and snakes. 01:26

  3. The silk from golden silk orb-weaver spiders has been used to make microscope eyepiece crosshairs, violin strings, and even a cape. 02:35

Golden Orb Weaver Spiders Are Architects Of Entrapment

Nature's architects, indeed.

Written by Curiosity Staff April 30, 2015

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